Today we have Kerry K. Amazing advise. So can you see now one of the reasons why disclosure isn’t necessarily coming to land in your lap is because it would still keep the false matrix in control? Today I want to talk to you about the two worlds split in much more detail than I shared with you in a previous video. I’m also going to talk to you about what it is that keeps the false matrix in place, because there’s so many people saying come on already. I want to go and live there in that divine place, you can call it new earth, the organic matrix, the true matrix. It doesn’t matter what words you use, there’s a concept within you right now.

That says there is something else. It’s not even a desperate there’s got to be it’s it’s. The frustration of knowing there is another way of being this world that we’re living in is done. This way in which we’re living is done, and I’m going to explain to you what I mean by these worlds, because I’m not talking about the planet earth, I’m talking about two different frequencies, the world of the false matrix, which is a frequency you’ve been living in And the world of the true matrix, which is a frequency you are currently aligning to what is it that holds this very persistent old, matrix, false matrix in place? It’s one thing it’s control now today I want to just tell you before I keep moving forward with the conversation.

I want to tell you that there is first of all a lot of info, but second of all, I’m not holding back, I’m not going to be holding back today. You know I i released a video called two world splits a couple of weeks back and I released it at a time when I was very concerned about not triggering people or being misunderstood or being called negative. Oh there, she is carrie spreading for your pawn again. I i didn’t want any of the backlash, so you know what I did.

I re I i really held back. I really held back from saying to you things like listen guys, not everyone’s going to make it, because that’s the truth and it’s a painful truth and it’s really okay to come to terms with it, because there is this love and light rainbows and unicorns spiritual fantasy Fairy tale that people are trying to perpetuate and by doing that, they’re actually inadvertently, unwittingly and unknowingly, maintaining the false matrix, because the false matrix is a place of illusion. It’s a place of fairy tale, but the organic matrix. Whilst it may be necessary for you to confront some very difficult truths, even some moments of harsh truth where it takes you and where it centers you into oh it’s heavenly.

It is a connection with true heaven, which is a connection with your organic self. Your divine self, because that’s the part of you that came here to navigate the divine matrix, the divine self navigates, the divine matrix, the ego self navigates, the false matrix right that makes sense, false self, false, matrix, true self, true matrix. There are people out there still trying to tell me that the ego is necessary for you to move forward and to grow and you’ve just got to tell wow.

There is so much that the spiritual community that they meant well, many of them still do they’re not out there to harm you or anybody else, but they are causing harm by spreading information. That tells you that all you’ve got to do is put love in your heart and everything is going to be okay and everyone’s going to make it, and it’s this kumbaya kind of you know we’re all just link arms and be best friends. There are people who don’t want that.


That’s the truth. There are people on this planet who don’t want that, so there has to be an alternative for them right. Those of you and I believe, and I’m not going to say to you this is the absolute truth. I’m saying to you honestly, this is a belief of mine.


I believe that twothirds of the planet is going to make it into the organic matrix and I’ll talk about what that means about twothirds of the planet, about a third of the planet. They’re not going to make it, but then where the heck do they go right and what’s and are they doomed and are they going to be punished and what’s going to happen to them? A third of the planet, where they’re currently choosing to go, is back into the reincarnation cycle where they lose their memory once again, with our reincarnated once again into a life where they will forget who they are, which is very much what you’re experiencing, because before you Came into this life, you lost the memories of who you were. You came into this life without remembering your name or the the background and the history of who you had been prior to the name that you called now so moving in to for that.


Third of the population moving into the next incarnation is going to be exactly the same memory wipe blank slate start all over again. The difference, however, is very important, and it is this they’re. Moving off into a 4d world, a 4d planet literal planet, another place away from earth, because earth has chosen to host 5d consciousness, which is earth’s resonance earth in fact, can easily host five six and seven d. So anything from five to seven d, that is earth’s natural, happy place her alignment her her zone of contentment under 5d.


It is not natural for earth, it’s a struggle for earth to hold that, and it doesn’t go very well as we’ve noticed but earth which – and I’m talking here about the consciousness the consciousness of the planet hosted us in this game. We were playing wherein we experienced ourselves in complete, forgetfulness and utter manipulation by the way, that’s what that was and utter manipulation of our free will, but that took place and you know what we said to hell with us: it’s not, okay! No! No! I don’t think that this is fair for other human beings to come into this level of 3d to be so manipulated to have their own free will used against them. To be told, you have a choice but they’re not to see the choice that you have only to be given one solution and one outcome: these were the kinds of games that were played in the false matrix. The false matrix was upheld by some very dark overlords.


There’s a playlist that I’ve got called cosmic origins and there’s another one called the false matrix. You can go and watch those for a bit of background, but that’s the truth. The architects of the false matrix were of the most darkest most depraved orientation imaginable, and it is these and they’re a small minority. It is these handful of beings that initiated the false matrix that we once lived in with a complete annihilation of our connection to our sovereign source, self, our god self was held away from us, so we were told you got free.


Will you can reconnect? Oh, but by the way, it’s just going to be really difficult for you to do that close to impossible. So we’ve waited for this point, which is the ascension cycle. The planet is ascending, yes, personal ascension can happen any day anytime, but the planet and the planetary mass is moving into a massive solar flash, also known as the micronova.


It’s moving into a pole shift. It’s moving into some very dramatic tipping point events. These tipping point events ensure that earth is cleansed but shock horror. Many of you are going to say what about me.


How will I survive? How will anything survive as a 3d being nothing survives, but as a 5d being you shift? Not only do you survive, you shift back into your home space, your home resonance, who you are, who you were always designed to be. It is the most and it makes me so emotional to even think about the beauty of where we’re going and – and I wish I could have that moment – and I know I won’t, but I wish I could have that moment with each of you to see your Faces when you go ah, oh, my gosh is this: is this where we were going to? I had no idea it was so beautiful and I’m so grateful that you have no idea of how beautiful it is, because if you knew you would be depressed, you would long for it and pine for it, and you would be in grief because you don’t have It every single day that is where you’re going to, which is nothing more than the return to your true self, to your highest alignment. That’s where you’re going to and earth the current planet that we live on has chosen to be the host of that next experience. Another planet has been selected to host the 4d expression.


Now listen to what I said, the 4d expression so there’s two groups of people. One group ascending one group, not ascending, but they’re, not going into a 3d realm dominated by the dark overlords that we’ve got here. Why? Because we are so done and when I say we I’m talking about we as a galactic being so this is the collective consciousness of humanity who is aligned to the organic matrix.


We’ve looked at humanity and this distortion of free will this manipulation and said this? Is this is not okay anymore, so what this earthly ascension cycle is about? This is the mother of all ascensions. This is not just any ascension cycle. This is an ascension cycle, wherein the 3d manipulation instigated by the overlords that held multiple, not just planet earth.


Multiple false matrices, where they hijacked people’s free, will and used it against them and used them to create and become essentially energetic fodder for their own upkeep. These dark lords are being taken out of business. These dark lords are being prevented from continuing their path, so we as a collective galactic.


So this might be you in your higher version, you in your galactic self or your higher self, because people often say who are the galactics curie? It’s you, you are a galactic being. Where do you live? You live in a galaxy right, so you’re so used to thinking of yourself, so small. Well, I am, and then you name the country.


You belong to no name the planet. You belong to and then name the galaxy that you belong to and then go even beyond that. I want you to expand your sense of who you are so that you can understand that you’re. Also, a galactic being the galactics have looked at this and said we’re not playing this game anymore.


It’s time to pull the plug on this way of being god’s source consciousness has issued a decree, it’s like a wave of consciousness, and that decree says no more. No more of this level of manipulation, so those who are not ascending into 5d are moving off to another planet, already selected who’s going to host them for a 4d experience. Will they die? Yes, that in a sense, ascension is a death point for everybody, but we’re so used to death being an end, we’re so used to death. Being, oh, my god, it’s over when you transition from a 3d to a 5d body.


It looks nothing – and I do mean this – nothing like death. The word death doesn’t even come close to describing what occurs it is, if anything, it’s a resurrection of the true self. It is a dropping of the ego in its totality.


That’s the only death that I can describe to you as you move through that ascension process as you move into that 4d world. If you were going there into the 4d world because you decided I’m not quite ready, not quite there, yet I’m still I’m still playing. So I still want another tone to step into 4d to gain more information and to step into sovereignty and to do it consciously, which is what many of you are doing right now right now, you’ve got the very hard task. It kind of feels like you’re swimming upstream of waking up while everybody else is asleep.


Those moving off into the 4d world want a similar experience of actually having consciousness come into a unconscious body. Please remember that ascension takes place on a physical level. Tension is a consciousness thing which it is but to ascend. Your consciousness is very, very easy, very to ascend your body, which is dense, which is the home of the ego and the programs and the overlays.

That’s a different story entirely because that’s where everything god embedded that hooked you into the false matrix. So it is that which is being washed out and cleansed as you move into 5d. Those who move off into 40 move off into a new world and move off into a new life.

People always ask me what about children? What about animals – and I always answer, but I know there’s so many comments. You can’t read them all. So let me just tell you in case you ask the question: children go with parents, whichever parent there are generally it’s the parent in the highest alignment that the children move with.

But each case is exactly that in the individual case and animals people ask what’s going to happen to the animals. Oh the poor animals, because we’re so used to seeing nature as somehow less we’re not used to the true orientation with it with nature, which is they’re. Fine animals are so capable of shifting consciousness into 5d and even beyond 5d.

It I’m saying to you: it’s going to be really difficult for the human body. It’s not difficult for the animal body at all. So the moment they get those planetary triggers which they’re already getting we’re already receiving.

This is why animals are behaving differently on the planet right now they are already picking up and receiving the signals that is already transforming their body at the tipping point, which is the micronova. The pole shift where we experience this massive influx of light. Wherein earth says that’s it, I’m done hosting 3d, it’s 5d! Only. Now at that point, for those of you that haven’t watched the video, I did release a video called the pole shift in the micronova.

How are we going to survive this, and I explained to you that your body shoots out a bubble of light. It’s an emanation from your chakrik column that moves out from your center of your physical body to surround your physical body in a shield in a bubble of life. This is how you survive, ascension and and again.

The word survive is ridiculous, because you’re not going to survive, it’s not a doomsday moment see this is where people I released this video about the pole shift and the micronova and people going. Oh, this is fear porn. This is negativity. This is.

This is more beautiful than any fairy tale could ever be. Listen to what I’m saying to you. You’re going to go into a bubble, a shielded bubble of light and when you’re in there time stops and all that there is, is your cosmic return to your divine blueprint and you walk out of that bubble and remember the bubbles of timelessness. So was it a second? Was it 25 000 years it just this beautiful, encapsulated moment, you’re surrounded by your healing crew, which is part of your own monad or your own oversoul you’re, surrounded by them? You are restored, you are returned.

You are reinvigorated. You walk out of that bubble into true earth, the organic matrix as the divine self interacting with the divine matrix it’s it’s so much more beautiful than a fairy tale. There is nothing negative when I say to you that the world that we know, which is the false matrix, is disintegrating.

It’s it’s a beautiful thing and from the disintegration a new birth occurs, phoenix rises, those moving off, and so, of course, the animals go with you right, and this is this is nothing this is. This is so seamless for animals to do for those moving off into 4d. No, they don’t keep their memory, just like you didn’t before, at least for this life and well any other that’s held in the false matrix, so they’re going into a version of the false matrix, because there’s got to be something familiar, but it will not be the False matrix, as we’ve known it wherein there is this almost impossible task, that’s near impossible task of realigning to your divine truth when there is so much authoritarian control around you to try to do. That is very, very difficult.

Now we want to talk about something very important. Why is it that we haven’t yet had disclosure? Why is it that we haven’t yet had the big boom, the big flash, the big? What come on come on already, you know, so many people in my online community have expressed this impatience to me and a couple of weeks ago we did a very hard hitting call in the galactic ground crew they’re, a portion of my online community, and I i Gave them some, you think, I’m being direct with you today. I gave them some super hard in your face truths and most of them gripped onto their chair, or at least energetically did and, and they were kind of like dazed and confused like oh, my god is this: where we’re going, what whoa and and there’s this wonder And there’s this moment of reality hitting them and I said to them: you see guys you were always so impatient. Weren’t, you you’re always so like come on it’s let’s do this thing: let’s go go not realizing the implication.

So I want to just share that with you. I want to share with you that for those of you who are impatient you’re waiting for something and that’s where your impatience is coming from, you shouldn’t be in waiting. You should be every day actively participating in your ascension in your higher alignment, and you don’t do that once and say: okay, I’ve done it now, let’s go! This is an everyday everyday, every day, every day practice and everyday dedication and an everyday devotion for those of you in my online community.

There is an amazing short course in the meditation library, and it’s called energy body realignment go, do that do that, often because that’s the beginning of you restoring that alignment of course there’s loads of other meditations and so forth there, but go do that, one in particular, Because what you’re going to find is that what maintained the false alignment, which is the is the christ alignment of the false matrix? What maintained that alignment was our buyin or our agreement to control? This is where it gets difficult to understand so stay with me. You were controlled in the false matrix, but you wanted to be controlled, not with your mouth. Your mouth never said. Oh, please, control me.

I really want to be controlled, not even with your conscious thoughts, but at a very deep subconscious level you got conditioned programmed into a way of being wherein others were responsible. The government was responsible to do this. The council was responsible, town, council or municipality or whatever you’ve got in your country. They were responsible to do that.


The schooling board they were responsible to do this. Your boss was responsible to do that. Everybody that you could blame for something else held authority that you didn’t have you might want to play that back again and really take it in so what that meant was you were deprived of being able to take responsibility for yourself and that felt good.

That was the buyin, not realizing that the responsibility that you relinquished but came control. Somebody else would have over you and when you are controlled guess what happens in the beginning. It feels like this.

Ah, what a relief, what a relief somebody else is in charge. What a relief I don’t have to do all these pesky things. What a relief somebody else runs the monetary system. I don’t have to do it.

Somebody else runs the world. Somebody else runs the government. So if it’s all somebody else so there’s there’s almost a sense of gratitude and then there’s a sense of needing direction from authority that is, when you’ve become addicted, to being controlled. Recently.

Had this wonderful conversation with a very courageous member of my online community – and he had so many wonderful instantaneous realizations the kind of realizations that I don’t think many people can have in a couple of minutes, but he had these realizations and then directly afterwards. He said, I think I need to go to see a psychic. I think I need well wasn’t directly afterwards.

It might have been a day or two. I think I need to go and see a psychic and I said to him hold on that’s another way. For you to give your power away, do you see we do this so unwittingly there’s nothing in the conscious brain that says. Oh, I need to go.

Give my power away, but we you us have become so conditioned to the authority of others leading us. That was the way of the false matrix. Somebody else was in charge and it felt good.

So we became addicted to authority addicted to the control addicted, to the relief of not having the burden of responsibility I’ll go to a psychic. You know so this when I’m saying hand over responsibility, you did it on every level and let me just say because I’m sure a couple of people are jumping up and down right now. Am I saying psychics are bad hell? No, I’m psychic. I did psychic readings for years.

I do readings for my group once a month, so I’m definitely not saying that, but I am saying it’s a very rare psychic who can give you information without giving you prediction, because prediction becomes part of the addiction of control, but we’re not going to go into That right now so so there is something wired into the false matrix that begs the individual participant to not be in control to seek control, and then we always mimic the system that we’re a part of so we become controlling. So what do we do? We start controlling ourselves, I’m going to control my emotions got to control my thoughts got to control myself got to control what I crave got ta control control, because we don’t understand that there’s something beyond control. What is that, if you’re, not in control, surely you’re out of control? Surely that’s a bad thing, the opposite to that level of control and indoctrination and programming that we all participated in is leadership. When you lead yourself, then it’s not that you are controlling yourself.

You are leading your emotions, you are leading your life, you are leading your healing, you are leading your growth, the moment people complain and they blame or they turn to others. They are not leading. Now you can absolutely be in leadership of your life and say hey.

I need a massage or I need a doctor or I need a whatever you need, so you can absolutely seek support from others, but from a place of leadership. So I tell people all the time my job is to lead you to you, I’m not going to do the work for you. Obviously I lead you to you and then you walk the journey, so it’s the symbiotic relationship that you get into when you work at this level of accountability.

That’s what leadership is it’s personal responsibility? It’s accountability! It is you leading your own life. So can you see now one of the reasons why disclosure isn’t necessarily coming to land in your lap is because it would still keep the false matrix in control? Oh look. The authorities have told me the authorities have freed me, what’s going to happen to humanity they’re going to keep turning to the authorities.

What must I do now? What happens next and even when the authorities say well guys you’re in charge now? What does that mean? Help me understand so there’s this continual addiction to needing information, guidance direction and authority from an external source. Somebody else out. There must tell me what to do. You need a guide to help you to switch into self leadership.

It’s not an easy thing to do on your own, it’s not impossible! You can do it on your own. That’s what I do. That is what I share with people: how to switch into selfleadership at a very, very deep level and that’s the path of enlightenment.

It’s when you’re walking it so now you understand disclosure. If it were to come, what would it really do? It would only bring people to another level of blame. It would only bring people to another level of okay.

So now we’ve got to punish others. What’s going to be done about this, what are they going to do? Robbing you, the individual of authority, autonomy, self leadership? You don’t get to have the proof from an external source. You get to be the proof.

You get to love that proof, and no it’s not comfortable, it isn’t don’t look for it to be comfortable to be a being of consciousness in a world designed for unconsciousness. It’s not easy. You’re going to get looked at you’re going to get called names.

That’s why I’ve stopped worrying when people call me names in the comments section. Finally, it’s become not not. Okay in the sense like. Oh it doesn’t bother me, it does bother me it’s not pleasant, but it’s not going to.

Stop me: it’s not near enough to keep me from giving you the truth, because that’s where we are now, we are now walking a journey into truth and we’re walking it together. You might be in different places on your journey, but are all walking in the same direction, and this is what it means to say: we are all walking each other home. So if you haven’t seen the video on the pole shift, I’m going to leave it for you up there lots of love. Everyone do subscribe and please, like the video, it’s so supportive to get other people to have a chance to watch it as well.


 Lots of love bye, bye for now.




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