Schumann Resonance (Laura’s View and Tarot, Too)


Schumann Resonance (Laura’s View and Tarot, Too)

Hi welcome to laura’s view and tarot 2. I’m really glad you’re here. Today’s date is friday october 28, 2022 and we have a cohost in the background you’ll see. Uh alyeska is uh having a little beauty treatment going on back there.

While I make the video. So I’m being well supervised in this video, I wanted to take a quick look at the schumann resident resonance that uh, if you haven’t heard the term before think of it as the heartbeat of the earth measuring this human resonance has only been happening since about the 1970S, although they started speaking about it, uh physicist uh, dr schumann, came up with the theory back in the 1950s and um. The heartbeat of the earth has had some fluctuations but they’re getting to be more intense, and let me just give you one example: um foreign on the 31st of january in 2017 hit an alltime high of 36, and everybody thought that was incredible. Yesterday, there was a spike in the shoe in resonance it hit 50 50.

Now, when the residents, the the which is and the resonance, is there it’s a global electromagnetic uh measurement of the frequencies of the earth again just think heartbeat, because I’m very much a layman – and I know some most of you are and if you’re not hey. Just remember, my videos are for entertainment purposes, so I don’t have to go too terribly deep. Do I when I’m talking about a topic? I hope not, I hope not, but one of the reasons I wanted to talk about the schumann residence is um earlier this month.

I got a an email from a subscriber and they had a question about the schumann resonance now back in early october, after a lot of activity in september, the human residents had gone through a more dormant period, more latent, you know lower scores. So I’m going to read this email to you: aloha laura the schumann residence on planet is very calm right now, after weeks of off the chart, readings now we’re back into them. Could you inquire if our planet is actually a very intelligently designed sentient being made to create with us and are we now going to actually have a very real taste of that creation process kicking into gear very soon, so I just thought that was a really interesting Question and that’s what we’re going to be asking the cards tonight, the schumann resonance and in a second I’ll show you a couple places.

I looked for some information on them. Are we now going to actually have uh? That is it actually a very intelligently designed sentient being made to create with us, hmm, okay. Now I’m going to share a couple things with you. First, okay, on uh disclosure, news dot it they keep track.

It’s one of the spots there’s several! If you do your due diligence and do some searching you’ll see they keep track of the human residents, and I liked down here that it breaks it down into amplitude quality frequency, max frequency, minimum and uh, and some of the comments were there were over 1200 comments. Some of them were kind of enlightening, but you can see that they’ve had some big spikes, big spikes going on okay, so another spot I had is in first person developers. First personal developmentcom. They had a really nice article about the effect of human residents on humans.

One of the reasons I made this video today was because I’ve had people saying that they’re noticing that people in the truth or community are kind of sniping at each other, um that awake friends are quibbling and having petty arguments and just not acting like their their True self, okay, so when the human resonance spikes you feel like time is accelerating, it is a chance to awaken your conscious uh discover your true potential. I think that there’s some discomfort involved with it: okay, okay, so many people around the world, uh report, tiredness, depression, dizziness, existential and pure, and these feelings happen because we’re living in a process of adaptation. We find it hard to get into tune with the new frequency of the earth, which is normal.

Okay, anyway, you can discover hidden talents. I just thought this was a really adapting our dna and a conclusion, not a very long article, but you might want to check it out. Okay, firstpersonaldevelopmentit and I haven’t checked – I’m not recommending it for other things, but I’m going to be doing a little more diving in there because it looked like they cover some topics that are pretty interesting: okay, so we’re going to I’m going to switch the camera and We’ll do some shuffling and see what the universe wants us to know and again our question for the cards is: is our planet actually a very intelligently designed sentient being made to create with us I’m going to tack on or is there other information about? The schumann resonance measurements that the universe would like us to know insights or information, but the basic question is: is our planet a very intelligently, designed sentient being interesting topic, at least for me? Okay, our first card is the knight of pentacles.

Then we have the star card, queen of swords, four of swords, foreign s, a sub caps, we’re getting a yes here, andy ten of pentacles okay. So our question about this human resonance or the heartbeat of the earth is indicated by the knight of pentacles a stability card, a dependability card, and I think what we’re getting here is a nod that we can depend on our earth to provide for us. And it should be rather a symbiotic type of relationship where we care for the earth as much as the earth cares.

For us, that hasn’t always been the case, but I have no doubt that in the future it will be now. Our question was clarified by the star card: that’s a card of optimism and harmony and creative power, and so our earth has a lot of creative power when we’re asking is our earth actually and intelligently designed sentient being that is able to cocreate with us? And we are definitely getting a yes on that in the recent past, we have the queen of swords showing up here to indicate both the human resonance and our our beautiful earth, and the queen of res of swords is one of is a card that shows clear Thinking so we’ve got some stability showing up here, creative, clear thinking, um, and then we have the four of swords which is kind of a take a rest card. Okay, it’s also a card where you don’t have all the facts and information at your fingertips, possibly there’s something: that’s not quite obvious, but that’s: okay, it’s not preventing the rest and relaxation from happening, so the human resonance, whatever causes the heartbeat of the earth um.

I don’t know that we’re going to get a full universal answer from that, but that’s okay, because we do have the knowledge now that the heartbeat of the earth is something we can depend on cocreate with there’s love and creative ability going on here now we’re having For the near future, this is interesting. We have the six of wands, and so that is a card of happiness. It’s a part of victory, it’s showing us and then it’s aspected, so well with the ace of cups.

The ace of cups is another creativity card, so we’ve got lots of creativity card going we’re getting a yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, your earth has a heartbeat, you have a heartbeat, you can create things together and we have a beautiful card on the other side of it too. The ten of pentacles now normally tens mean the ending to something.

In this case. It’s just coming to fruition, see pentacles. Are an earth sign so they’re about real things like real estate, uh wealth, minerals, things like that, and so what they’re saying is the earth again is more than capable of caring for we god’s children and is willing to do that and more than capable of doing It let’s get a couple of your cards and see if there’s information about this human residence or, more importantly, the heartbeat of the earth that the universe would like us to know about. We have the three of cups going on, since this isn’t a political question.

This just means celebration: okay, and I believe our earth is happy that we are starting to recognize that it is not just a clump of mud. Okay, we are coming to an end of an era for our earth for our planetary cycle and uh. It’s one that we’re being reassured over and over again to uh keep our eyes on the prize as things move forward the devil card showing up – and I didn’t preview these so give me a second to see what this means. I think what this is again saying is the end of a chapter of our earth cycle and human history and development is coming to an end.

It hasn’t been pretty, but we’re getting reassured that it is coming to an end and the future’s looking pretty bright. So we are electrical creatures, our brains actually create, and fire with electricity and the earth has a heartbeat, that’s electromagnetic or electricity. Also, as we have more technology in our lives, more appliances – and you know things like that in our homes – it’s easy to lose touch with the heartbeat of the earth.

I was reading today that some tribes in africa, when they want to um, remove evil spirits from someone they actually, and this comes from being tied to the earth without the modern convenience distractions that their their ceremony involves. Um doing things to a beat and scientists have discovered that that rhythm they use is matches exactly the human resonance or the heartbeat of the earth, and it allows them to access and channel power that helps them to get the helium that they’re seeking for whoever they’re Doing the ceremony, for I just thought that was beautiful, so I would advise you if you find that you are having trouble getting along with your neighbor. If you find that you’re having trouble getting along with other people, if you’re feeling a little out of sorts, remember, we hit an alltime high or one of the alltime highs yesterday with issue in residence, and it’s going to have us feeling a little odd.

It’s okay and, in the meantime, to get in touch with the earth turn some things off. Go outside get barefoot. If you know, as long as you won’t freeze your toes off, get, grounded and take a minute to feel the heartbeat of the earth and don’t let the distractions of our modern world and politics and who’s right, who’s wrong, interfere with that because we were created and We were created to not have a life of constant fear and anxiety and stress, but only you can choose to turn it off for a little bit and get in touch with nature, with your heartbeat with the heartbeat of the earth and go okay. I can do this because you can’t that’s it for this video.

Thank you so much for your time. I do appreciate it. I don’t take it for granted and I just I hope, you’ll take that minute or more that you need to keep yourself grounded and hopeful.

Not helpful with politics, but just hopeful that there’s a chapter, an earth chapter that’s coming to an end and we’re alive at a time when we’ll probably get to see it and I think that’s pretty exciting, because it’s going to be it’s going to be beautiful. It’s going to be some really nice changes coming along, so until next time I send you love. I send you light and I wish you the best of everything good night.

 Schumann Resonance (Laura’s View and Tarot, Too)

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